Year is Taking Shape...

Finally...Spring is here! The sun is still MIA...but it's warmer. Only PARTLY cloudy. This means I'm setting up my booth and working on my layout for the June 2019 Recycled Arts Festival! Year two, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

I'm working on simplifying the table layout, while making the display better: more grounded and solid, easy to set up and break down, less moving parts. I love working on booth layout-the options are absolutely endless, and gives me another outlet for set up and design work. I hope you like where it ends up! ;)

I have two new lines this year: Time & Tide, and Evil Eye Charms. Time & Tide incorporates both watch parts and items found on the beach-frosted glass, shells, pearls, abalone, etc., in both earrings and necklaces. Evil Eye Charms incorporate the metal pieces of pocket watches and crystals, also in earrings and necklaces. Add these two lines to the original designs, and we have a very full lineup of eclectic and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to add inspiration to your wardrobe.

Last thing...I'm in the final stretches of prepping my Jewelry Shop, in hopes of becoming an artist on the Arts Clark County Open Studios Tour later this year. Lots of red, lots of black...lots of curio cabinets, and loads of vintage bling! It's becoming an inspiring space...I look forward to years of enjoying my completed Shop.

Make the most of your Spring, and we'll see you at the Recycled Arts Festival!