Nearly Happy New Year ;)

How will you spend your time this upcoming year?

Wow...what a year 2018 has been! Lots of blessings, lots of trials...just like any other year I suppose. One of the great things about being a maker is that if you take enough pictures of your creations, you can stop at any time and review your year's worth of work, even if they have new homes with appreciative buyers. ;)

I've tried many things this year in service of my jewelry biz. My first show, at the Recycled Arts Fair in Vancouver, WA was an absolutely fantastic weekend! Great weather, music, food, and arts, all of which brought out loads of happy and artistically minded folks that appreciate the reduce/reuse/repurpose/re-everything else mindset. They were open to new ideas, both visual and functional. I met so many great like minded makers, thoroughly enjoyed the event, and was able to rehome many of my creations...more than I hoped I might! I am hopeful that I will be able to take part for years to come!

I tried a couple of holiday high school bazaars. While I enjoyed meeting other local folks and appreciated the energy involved in such a fun time, I primarily found that high school bazaars just don't work for my jewelry babies. ;) I will continue, however, to visit many each year to find those amazing local handmade Christmas gifts that only high school bazaars tend to provide!

Finally, I was honored to be a visiting artist at the First Friday Art Walk in December, inside the photography studio of Kate Singh Photographer. Never been there? Ooooohhhh, my friends, are you in for a treat!

I'll wait...

Kate invited a few artists in to meet our local residents and offer our wares. This was a fantastic time. Kate's studio is stunning, and provides a beautiful backdrop for...well...any maker! As always, Kate gave 110%, making sure everyone had everything they needed, and even processing orders when I stepped out for a quick break! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, enjoyed rehoming some of my favorite jewelry babies, and hope to hang out with Kate again next year. ;)

And now, with the rush of Christmas over (with two young boys, it's still quite a rush!), we are enjoying our newest blessings of 2018 while thinking about 2019. What have we learned in 2018? What do we want out of 2019? And do we make these dreams happen?! I know exactly what I want:

#1: Vancouver Night Market at Warehouse 23. I just learned about this from Karen Madsen at Arts Clark County, and I can't wait to apply!

#2: The Recycled Arts Festival, again...

#3: The Open Art Studios Tour, Clark County, WA. Ever been? These are always inspiring and instructive. And much to see! So many people to meet and share with! I am grateful that this kind of event not only exists, but is so successful and rewarding. I am going to answer the call in April for the November 2019 Tour. Crossing my fingers!

#4: Finally, I am approaching one of my favorite galleries this year, for inclusion in their sales area. For this one, I'm crossing not only my fingers, but also my toes...possibly my eyes. This one is the dream...Stay tuned. ;)

2019 looks like an amazing year, and I am ready! Thanks for stopping by...I hope you enjoy my ramblings as well as my jewelry babies. I would love to hear from y'all, whether it's about jewelry or not.

2018, Thank You For The Lessons.

2019, I Am Ready.